Jahan Aurtoun Kee Doctor Naheen

A reproductive health manual in Urdu “Jahan Aurtoun Kee Doctor Naheen” (Where women have no doctor) basically for rural areas of Pakistan has been developed and disseminated among more than 800 development organizations and health care workers.

Women’s Entrepreneurship Project

WEG feels that economic empowerment of women through entrepreneurship in Pakistan will act as a catalyst for reducing the social dependency of women. It will increase their access to education, health facilities, and employment opportunities through which they can assume greater control over their own lives.

Gender Sensitization Workshop

A workshop for journalists was organized in Lahore, which was attended by journalists and journalism students from all over the country. WEG aims to organze the same kind of workshops in other cities of the country

“No To Plastics” campaign

 To make reusable canvas bags popular: The aim is to reduce and in the long run eliminate plastic bags usage. For this purpose we have started an aggressive awareness campaign against the use of plastic bags. Canvas bags introduce by WEG, have slogans and messages printed on them. For example, “Buy Smart, Waste Less, Save More”, “Think Reduce, Think Reuse” and “Give a Better World to Your Child”, etc.